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SKUPA'S PILSEN is the oldest professional theater festival in the Czech Republic (or Czechoslovakia). The upcoming 33rd edition of the International Festival of Puppet and Alternative Theatre Skupa's Pilsen 2018 will be held from 13th to 17th June 2018.



First held in 1967 as a celebratory event to a double anniversary of Josef Skupa. Since 1970, he became a competitive comprehensive overview of Czech professional puppet theater, which until 1978 was held every year, then changed to a biennial. After 1990 she attended theaters in addition to the statutory, private groups and individuals. The main program is always accompanied by a representative sample of foreign production (4-5 performances). Traditionally, the space gets here coming generation of puppet theater from high schools already have success at the prestigious festival facilitates subsequent entry into practice. The competition assesses domestic production or by an international jury, which awarded individual awards. ALFA Theatre in the last 20 years, gaining almost regularly.A significant shift occurred in 2010 when the 28th SP was conceived not only as a competition of selected Czech theater productions, as well as a presentation of Czech puppet theater for foreign guests to support the export of Czech puppetry in the world. (Recall in this context that the ALFA Theatre is one of the most successful representatives of Czech puppetry in the world, as his production of "The Three Musketeers" was launched in 20 countries - many of them repeatedly - and get 27 domestic and foreign awards.) Festival program also attempted to map the state in which there is a puppet theater V4 and the EU 20 years "after". Due to the dramatic evolution of our species and nature of the productions offered by the show's first response was officially added to the word "alternative". SP will therefore continue Festival of Czech professional puppet and alternative theater, which should always be presented as the most successful productions in this field arose in the last 2-3 years. For the development of the field is obviously very valuable and the subsequent reflection in the professional and daily press.




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