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The play of folk puppeteers by Tomáš Dvořák


"Behold, my husband hangs up on his steed and with the heroic knight, his confidant with Tristan, to fight.

Directed by Tomáš Dvořák
Stage design Tomáš Dvořák
Premiéra Czech premiere
od9 The performance is
from 9 years


Lovers of spirited, entertaining yet tragic love story warm up "Jenovafa". In the repertoire of the Alfa Theater, he is delighted - and will also conclude - an offer of popular folk puppeteer games for all ages: Don Šajn and Doktor Faust. The audience fell in love not only with humorous narratives, but also with extraordinary and beautiful puppets made up of old household or garage items. Feet from window handles, body of devil from old bicycle seat…

But let's get back to Jenovaf. In addition to Don Sain and Doctor Faust, she was one of the most popular and widespread puppet plays in Europe. Czech puppeteers also worked on it. The story is heartbreaking: Countess Jenovaf rejects the love suggestions of Knight Gola in the absence of her husband. But the husband believes the rumors of a wicked villain ... The story of the suffering of the Brabant Countess Jenovafy was first recorded in the 14th century and spread even in our country especially in folk reading books.

The director of the production is Tomáš Dvořák, renowned and respected in the Czech Republic and abroad because of his return to Czech puppet roots and his ability to process the original material with respect for tradition and with regard to the contemporary viewer. His staging of the plays of folk puppeteers Don Šajn and Doctor Faust is one of the oldest and still desirable items in the Alfa Theater repertoire. In addition to the domestic audience, the audience is also popular with foreign audiences, especially in neighboring Germany.

"Jenovaf" can also be featured in combination with one of the other Old Czech puppet plays: "Don Šajn" or "Johanes Doktor Faust".

Premiere: June 2020


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