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Petra Kosová, Lidová pohádka

About a Goldfish

Whoever wants more, more and more, has nothing in the end!

Directed by Tomsa Legierski
Stage design Bára Hubená
Dramaturgy Petra Kosová
Music Petr Vydarený
Premiéra Czech premiere
od3 The performance is
from 3 years

The classic fairy tale for the youngest children about a goldfish that speaks and fulfills wishes is being searched by creators from all over the world - they are researching many versions in various cultures. The fairy tale probably came to Bohemia thanks to Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin's poem The Tale of the Fisherman and Fish (1833). The famous Brothers Grimm also have their own version of this Russian fairy tale. The most famous in the country is probably the version of Jan Werich, called The Fisherman and His Wife (1960) and the fisherman and the fisherman live in it in a bottle of vinegar. There is even a simple animated version of this fairy tale, which is told by the author himself.

The creators and actors from Alfa are inspired by different versions and also by how they perceived the fairy tale as children and what they lacked in the fairy tale. But the main thing remains: Grandma is greedy, she wants more and more, and with food the desire to have more and more power grows. The title is being prepared by a home team of director Tomsa Leigerski and playwright Petra Kosová, for the first time an experienced set designer and teacher Bára ubená will perform in Alfa, and the author of the music is Petr Vydarený, an actor and composer from the Alfa Theater.

Worksheets will be created for the production.


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