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Hry lidových loutkářů

Don Juan and Johanes Doctor Faustus

Both plays are condensed versions (each lasting about 30 min) "terrific pieces" Czech folk puppeteers


Directed by T. Dvořák
Stage design T.Dvořák
Dramaturgy P.Vašíček
Music J. Koptík
Cast Petr Borovský, Martin Bartůšek, Vladimír Sosna, Jiří Koptík
Performace duration 60 min.
Premiéra Czech premiere
Friday, 15 July 2011
od9 The performance is
from 9 years

DON JUAN (Adaptation: J.V.Dvořák, P.Vašíček, stage direction, stage design and puppets: T.Dvořák, music: J.Koptík)

Various versions of a Spanish legend of Don Juan have been in repertoire of all the Czech puppeteer families since the 18 th century. We offer you a condensed, 25 - minute abbreviated staging of one of them performed by 3 actors and the original „surrealistic“ puppets designed and made by T.Dvořák, the stage director. The play, first night of which was successfully presented on the tour in Italy, can be performed in the open air, in castles etc.

JOHANES DOCTOR FAUSTUS (Scenario - using texts by folk puppeteers: P.Vašíček, stage direction, stage design and puppets: T.Dvořák, music: J.Koptík)

„Masterpiece“ of most folk puppeteers, whose approach to the classical topic about the learned man who sells his soul to the devil and who finally ends in hell , is very distinctive and original. In this condensed version fragments of the texts by Josefa Pek, Tomáš Dubský, Antonín Lagron and František Maizner are used. T.Dvořák´s original puppets made from various objects dominate the performance again.

Note: Both plays has been successfully presented in Germany, France, Italy and Japan and they can also be performed in a German version or with the commentary in German, French, Italian and Japanese.


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