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Jiří Kohoun

Winter events Bee Bears

based on literary works of Jiří Kahoun


Theatre Divadlo Krapet
Directed by Zdeněk Tomeš
Stage design Miloslav Sajler s Evou Blahovou
Music Petr Skoumal
Scenario Michaela Sajlerová a Zdeněk Tomeš
Lyrics Zdeněk Svěrák
Performace duration 60 min.
od4 The performance is
from 4 years

And here it is ! Summer is over, and the meadow cottage starts with bumble bees fall. Everything faded and everything falls. Čmeldové first taste of sweet pears , but knows that she is enjoying them too dangerous hornet .

Even those that pears are dropping . Returns are scared to čmeldové mother, who has also Pron surprise.

To celebrate the last day sluníčkového enters their neighbors - Mr. Butterfly , Mrs. Millipede Bozek , Mr. Kvapík , Mr. Cricket , grandmother Čmelinda and must not exclude the ladybug . Everyone has a gift for them to Čmeláčkům winter sleep well .

And he sleeps . But Winter Zimic is so severe that the Čmeldové awakens in the middle of winter, to přitopili .

Footprints in the snow chasing them afraid. Who's going to walk around the cottage bumble bees ? You'll have yourself!

You know how Čmeláčci preparing for winter?

Why is autumn so sweet ?

Where to sleep in the winter spider ?

What do Čmeláčci Christmas ?

Who is this white ghost with the broom ?

Whose footprints in the snow ?


Čmelda and Brumda: Jiří Kohout / Patrik Vojtíšek / Ondřej Švec

Zdeněk Tomeš, Michaela Sajlerová



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