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Tomáš Jarkovský – Jakub Vašíček

Jig! or the first case lieutenant Vitásek

Puppet tribute to the phenomenon of crime fiction, which is with us enjoying perhaps even more popular than anywhere else.

Directed by J. Vašíček j.h.
Stage design K. Bělohlávek j.h. a T. Venclová j.h.
Dramaturgy P. Vašíček
Music O. Müller j.h.
Cast M. Hajn, B. Josephová-Luňáková, P. Borovský, R. Kroupar
Performace duration 65 min.
Premiéra Czech premiere
Monday, 16 March 2015
od8 The performance is
from 8 years
Young apprentice Criminology crafts lieutenant Vitásek will make his case. And it's a hell of a case! How do you tell him about? He succeeds thanks to his enthusiasm or betray him youthful indiscretion? Fortunately, he is always ready to help older colleagues, masters of their craft. Just another very unable to finish. Each of them has, by its own guaranteed methods, which can not happen. Which one is the best yet? From whom he has poor Vitasek get advice? CI may ASSISTED its first case most likely the problem?

A classic thriller, noir, crime. Walk detective genres. Deduction, events, forensic science. A trip into the world of investigative techniques. And of course the most important thing. Detective, Crime and mysterious villain that needs to get to the bottom of this. Unravel the delicate fabric of conjecture and conflicting evidence, discover the motive, secure evidence, and then ... the jig!

The name of the hero of the game, however, suggests that a joke or not this time of need!

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