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Edgar Dutka – Jiří Barta

In the Attic: Who Has a Birthday Today

Magical tale of dusty land where abandoned toys will bring fierce fight with Ranger time Theatrical transliteration feature animated film award-winning Czech Lion.

Directed by J.Barta j. h.
Stage design J.Barta j. h.
Dramaturgy A.Vášová j.h.
Music M. Pavlíček j.h.
Cast B. Josephová-Luňáková, L. Válková-Lupínková, B. Holý, R. Kroupar, P. Borovský, M. J. Hartmannová, M. Mrázková, M. „Sádlo“ Bartůšek
Premiéra Czech premiere
Monday, 19 October 2015
od6 The performance is
from 6 years

Almost all of us have some experience with children's imagination and fantasy: An old stove can turn into steam locomotive that pulls carriages behind the suitcases and boxes. White cabinets can be snowy mountain ranges, which stems from predatory mountain river bed linens and high above them hovering thick cushions - white clouds.

An environment where we can in this way to "play" can be found in many places - at home, in the garden, backyard or even on land which is still often filled with knock-out furniture and various odds and ends. Soil, mysterious place birthplace, childhood memories of the place where the long deferred and forgotten "junk" resting in the dusty suitcases, crates and boxes, has become the subject of our thrilling, but also humorous story.

Similarly, as in the same feature-length animated film, legendary director and artist Jiří Barta (1948), as well as in our new puppet show abandoned toys will bring fierce battle to rescue a kidnapped friend not just a doll Pomněnky but also their harmonious home. And knew how powerful a true friendship. It all started when one small pretty curious and adventurous little girl appeared at the Old roztodivného closet full of junk. In an impromptu closet shelf is dormant puppets and toys, which have long ago someone suddenly abandoned. Forget-Me doll just gives the cake in the oven, Mucha teddy bear sleeps in a bucket and Knight Krasoň in a wooden box. And then there still is a schoolboy - he sits at the table and learns ...

Originally conceived artistic performances not only offers adventure and suspense, but also a lot of fun, humorous moments and gags. Our story - enclosed in a cabinet in the attic - it is full of magic and surprises. Maybe even in your attic is worth a similar wardrobe, try to open it.

It is honored that our offer Jiri Barta accepted the offer. Surely you have seen at least one of its at home and abroad in the world-famous films: Project, discjockey, Vanished World gloves Ballad of green wood, Pied Piper, last swag or deferred Club. I film the Attic brought numerous awards from abroad: New York, Japan, Spain, Romania, Hungary. We won the Czech Lion for Best Art Direction, two awards at Anifest in Teplice and cost Kristian Febiofest.
Significant is his work teaching at the Prague Academy of Arts and at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.

FOTO: Josef Ptáček

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