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Jules Verne, Vít Peřina

A mysterious castle in the Carpathians

Telek from Telek! I warn you. Don't go to the castle, if misfortune will catch you!

Directed by Tomáš Dvořák
Stage design Karel Czech
Dramaturgy Petra Kosová
Music Vratislav Šrámek
Cast Andrea Ballayová, Martin Sádlo Bartůšek, Petr Borovský, Martina J. Hartmannová, Bohuslav Holý, Josef Jelínek, Tomáš Jereš, Robert Koupar, Lenka Lupínková, Marie Mrázková, Matěj Siegl, Petr Vydarený
Performace duration 55 min.
Premiéra Czech premiere
Monday, 26 February 2018
od9 The performance is
from 9 years

From the extensive work of the pioneer of science fiction, Jules Verne, the novel The Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians (1892) is one of the most famous in Bohemia and Slovakia. This is due not only to the proximity of the Carpathians, but above all to the cult parody film adaptation of Oldřich Lipský from 1981. The adaptation of Vít Peřina is also heading into comedic - parody waves. Definitely don't expect haunting in the spirit of the gothic novel genre that inspired Verne to write in it. & Nbsp; But also, forget the resemblance to the famous film comedy.

Our adaptation takes key plot motifs from Verne's masterpiece, but he already paraphrases, flips and shifts them in his own way. Emphasis is placed on the line of opera singer Stilly, in which the two main heroes of the novel were in love - Count Telek and the villainous Baron Gorc. Thanks to a number of inserted song numbers, the adaptation is close to the genre of crazy operetta or a kind of comic polo opera.
The text of the play was originally created for the Jonáš Záborský Theater in Prešov, Slovakia, and then it was also performed on stages in Toruń, Poland, or at the A. Dvořák Theater in Příbram. Now the main director of the Alfa Theater, Tomáš Dvořák, will take care of its staging in Pilsen.

So what's the story of our Verneovka? One day, Count Telek and his servant Rock come to a sunken Carpathian village deep in the woods, inhabited by truly bizarre people. They are looking for Telek's ancient love, the opera singer Stille, whose disappearance and possibly death is the fault of the villainous Baron Gorc. As it soon turns out, the mysterious castle near the village hides not only Baron Gorce, but also a number of other surprises. In the crazy and magnificent finale, all the actors meet in the bowels of the castle, which, thanks to the baron's court inventor Orfanik, has little to see to fly into the air. The huge explosion will not only cause great destruction, but will also bring with it a surprising and happy unraveling.


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