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Jack London

White Fang

Far out in the north during the golden fever season, in an inhospitable place and in a harsh time, grows out of a puppy in an adult dog White Fang, a dog and wolf crossbreed.

Theatre Divadlo DRAK
Directed by Jakub Vašíček
Stage design Antonín Šilar,Tereza Venclová
Dramaturgy Tomáš Jarkovský
Music Daniel Čámský
od9 The performance is
from 9 years

Nature has a wild fertility and unbridled nature, but has to learn to subdue people and go out with other dogs. It can not only be included in a pack of dogs or people, it is not accepted and it is difficult to accept. His otherness predetermines him to be either the first among all or the last. During her adolescence she encounters violence and hatred, but also with kindness, even with love. What, in the end, is the strongest impression in his soul? Can he find peace?

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