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Neil Gaiman, Natálie Preslová, Linda Dušková

As knob on the head

A horror story about the fact that evil is often hidden behind an extremely friendly face.

Directed by Linda Dušková j.h.
Stage design Karel Czech j.h.
Dramaturgy Natálie Preslová j.h., Petra Kosová
Music Jan Vondráček j. h.
Scenario Natálie Preslová, Linda Dušková
Cast Andrea Ballayová, Lucia Čižinská j.h., Martina J. Hartmannová, Tomáš Jereš, Robert Kroupar, Blanka Josephová-Luňáková, Radka Mašková, Marie Mrázková, Petr Vydarený
Premiéra Czech premiere
Monday, 04 March 2019
od8 The performance is
from 8 years

Coraline lives in a large, mysterious old house. There are countless doors in it, but only one is still locked. And as the locked doors go, there is something behind those that should rather stay there. There is a family that is perfectly like the Coraline family, and it is even better in everything. But something is strange about her ...

The horror of children's horror returns to Coraline's Alpha Theater, the story is full of tension and surprise. And it also solves important family relationships that sometimes are not ideal. But is not the ideal family ultimately scary? Are not real people better with their mistakes and shortcomings? Neil Gaiman is a very popular British author of science fiction and fantasy genres. He writes for both adults and children. Many of his works have been translated into Czech and are known for his film work: Stardust, Nikdynikde or Coraline whose film animated version of Henry Selicka was nominated for an Oscar. And Coraline is, thanks to the mysterious and imaginative world for puppet theater, created.

Coraline for Alfa Theater will be attended by guest director Linda Dušková, who works in the Czech Republic and France. Gaiman's novel adapts to theater together with dramaturgist Natalia Preslova, who cooperates with Little Theater in České Budějovice, prepares a program for the Prague experimental scene NoD and participates in other theater and festival projects.

Photo: Miroslav Chaloupka

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