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Marta Guśniowska

Knights Without a Horse

The story of a knight looking for his horse and a horse looking for his knight.

Theatre Bábkové divadlo Košice
Directed by Jacek Malinowski
Stage design Marika Wojciechowska
Dramaturgy Ivan Sogel
Music Norbert Bodnár
Translation Juraj Andričík
Cast Erika Orgován Molnárová, Juraj Fotul, Miroslav Kolbašský, Peter Creek Orgován
Performace duration 50 min.
od4 The performance is
from 4 years

In ancient times no one could have been a knight unless he had a horse. This was the most important part of the knight's military equipment. That's exactly what happened to a knight in the play of a young Polish artist Martha Guśniowski. Her fairytale is a Rytier that does not have Koňa, as well as Kona, who is for his constant enthusiasm without a Knight. This is why both heroes are very unhappy and are missing one another. They live in neighboring kingdoms, but they do not know each other about their existence. But they both believe they will finally find someone who makes sense to their lives. That is why one and the other choose to find the world in the world. There are a lot of dangers on them and they meet different characters like Dragon, Mouse, Sorcerer or Three Criminals and experience unusual, merry events. Our production is about how important it is to long for something and never to give up. But the fact that everyone is waiting for happiness is only to be found. The child's viewer finds his moral patterns in the characters of the story, as well as a loving humor, through which he learns that we do not need to pretend to be what we are not in reality, but that we must go for our purpose with determination and honesty.

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