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Cat in boots

loosely based on Charles Perrault's book

Directed by Buchty a loutky pod vedením Marka Bečky
Stage design Robert Smolík
Dramaturgy Buchty a loutky pod vedením Kateřiny Schwarzové
Music Vít Brukner
Cast Zuzana Bruknerová, Vít Brukner, Radek Beran, Marek Bečka a Lukáš Valiska
Premiéra Czech premiere
Sunday, 12 November 2017
The eldest son got a mill, middle money, and the youngest son, um, only a cat left. Cha chá, just an ordinary cat? But beware, he's not quite ordinary, he's talking! And he can also invent and & nbsp; arrange, like a princess or ... Don't you believe? So come and see!

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