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Space travel with a hero who is a bit different. Author's production inspired by the fates of children with asperger syndrome.

Theatre Divadlo DRAK
Directed by Tomáš Jarkovský a Jakub Vašíček
Stage design Tereza Venclová
Dramaturgy Tomáš Jarkovský
Music Daniel Čámský
Cast Dominik Linka, Petra Cicáková, Pavla Lustyková, Filip Huml, Luděk Smadiš
od6 The performance is
from 6 years
Planet Beyond has a single inhabitant. He lives here happily with himself in a world that fits him perfectly. Until the planet begins to overheat for an unknown reason, and he has no choice but to seek another sanctuary. And what an adventure it will be, he probably has no idea at the moment. “I like blue. It calms me down. It gives me a feeling of security. The Blue World is a world that is all right. Calm, balanced, safe. Blue is the perfect color. It has so many forms, so many shades, what else would I need? For example, joy is light blue as the sky, sadness is dark blue as the moonlight. But not the wicked, disturbing sadness that suffocates. Blue sadness is calm, reconciled. It rises from the depths and disappears at those depths. And the blue joy sounds silent, does not shout with disturbing tones, does not shuffle unconsciously to the surface, does not shatter, does not fly. It holds nicely inside and shakes gently. My world is blue because it's only mine. And it's only mine because it is blue. ”In 1943, Austrian medical professor Hans Asperger published the first study based on his observation of“ mentally abnormal ”children. His work, however, was forgotten and did not begin to receive attention until the 1980s. Since then, the term "Asperger syndrome" has been used.

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