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Šimon Olivětín

Detective Hoopoe

So tell me, what are we going to make the film for now, when Liška discharged her mobile phone?
Directed by Tomáš Procházka
Stage design Mikoláš Zika
Dramaturgy Petra Kosová
Music Vojtěch Procházka
Cast Bob Holý, Josef Jelínek, Blanka Josephová-Luňáková, Radka Mašková, Lenka Lupínková
Performace duration 60 min.
Premiéra Czech premiere
Monday, 05 October 2020
od5 The performance is
from 5 years

The hare, the fox, the mouflon and their neighbors live together in the forest. Detective Hoopoe also lives there - another in a series of charismatic Czech traditional animals, which has always completely flooded the hearts of Czech schoolchildren. In this sense, it builds on its older predecessors, represented mainly by the cat Mikeš and the ant Ferda.

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