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Petra Kosová, Tomsa Legierski based on a Ukrainian folk tale


"You should learn to keep your mouth shut, Marička. Or you will bring us into trouble one day.''

Directed by Tomsa Legierski
Stage design Tomsa Legierski
Dramaturgy Petra Kosová
Music Petr Vydarený
Cast Lenka Lupínková, Josef Jelínek
Performace duration 40 min.
Premiéra Czech premiere
od5 The performance is
from 5 years

Oh, that Marichka! She's a good woman, she loves her husband Petro, but she can't keep her mouth shut. So, she gossips and blows out of proportion everything she hears because she loves colourful stories. That's why her husband Petro is a bit cross with her. Also, the mean bailiff might clamp down on them! But Marichka can't help herself. And so, when one day Petro finds gold while ploughing the landlord's field, he is not only happy but also very worried: how to prevent Marichka from spilling it and the bailiff from confiscating the gold?

The fairy tale is intended primarily for Ukrainian children and their Czech friends from Pilsen kindergartens and schools. So that Ukrainian children have contact with their culture here in the Czech Republic, too. That's why the director and stage designer Tomsa Legierski drew on traditional Ukrainian Motanka (knitted) dolls when making the puppets.

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