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Plays of folk puppeteers

Don Juan, Johanes Doctor Faustus and Genovefe

"Dear audience, these guys are full supernatural beings, so timid children do not have access!”

Directed by Tomáš Dvořák
Stage design Tomáš Dvořák
Cast Petr Borovský, Martin Sádlo Bartůšek, Tomáš Jereš, Petr Vydarený
Premiéra Czech premiere
Monday, 08 June 2020
od9 The performance is
from 9 years
All three plays are condensed versions (each lasting about 30 minutes) of "great pieces" of Czech folk puppeteers who have been active in our territory since the end of the 18th century. as a peculiar (and mostly extraordinary) part of the national revival. The individual puppetry families created (and passed on from generation to generation) their specific text version. The stage and language means used by these nomadic puppeteers still enchant with the poetry of the "magic of the unwanted".
The director of the production is Tomáš Dvořák, famous and respected in our country and abroad precisely because of his return to Czech puppetry roots and his ability to process the original material with respect for tradition and at the same time with regard to the contemporary viewer. His staging of plays by folk puppeteers Don Šajn and Doktor Faust is one of the oldest and still sought-after items in the repertoire of the Alfa Theater. In addition to the domestic audience, the production was also popular with foreign audiences, especially in neighboring Germany.

For all the "pieces", the director T. Dvořák created a very original collection of puppets, which he "collapsed" from various common objects. The production thus benefits from the irritating contrast between the conventions of traditional puppet theater and truly non-traditional "surrealist" puppets. In addition, it brings a distinctive and, last but not least, entertaining insight into two archetypal stories of European literature.

The productions are intended for viewers from 9 to 99 years of age.
We present these games in a combination of the latest "Jenovaf" supplemented by some of the older pieces.



Text editing: Johanes Doktor Faust - Pavel Vašíček (using texts by J. Pek, T. Dubský, A. Lagron and F. Maizner), Don Šajn - Jan Dvořák
Dramaturgy: Pavel Vašíček
Music: Jiří Koptík
Premiere: Don Shain on July 4, 2001 in San Michele all'Adige (IT), Johanes doktor Faust on January 8, 2005 at the ALFA Theater Club
"Johanes doktor Faust", originally based on a book of folk reading from the 16th century. about a scholar who sold his soul to the devil. In all Czech puppetry versions, the parallel parody line of the comic character Kašpárek is significantly strengthened, and a number of scenes are developed and viewed with a "plebeian" view.
"Don Shain" is a special variant of the Spanish legend from the 14th century. about the seducer of women, Don Juan, and their later dramatic adaptations.

Johanes Dr. Faust ”and“ Don Shay ”have already been successfully presented in Germany, France, Italy and Japan, and we can present them in the German version, possibly with German, French, Italian and Japanese commentary.


Text editing: Tomáš Dvořák
Music: Petr Vydarený
Premiere: June 8, 2020

Lovers of sharp, fun and at the same time tragic love stories will be warmed up by "Jenovéf". It was one of the most popular and widespread puppet shows in Europe. But the husband believes the slander of a treacherous villain ... The story of the suffering of Countess Jenovéfa of Brabant was first recorded in the 14th century and spread in our country, especially in books of folk reading.



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