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Petra Kosová podle ukrajinských lidových pohádek

About Marička, who said everything

"You should learn to keep your mouth shut, Marička. Or you will bring us into trouble one day.''

Directed by Tomsa Legierski
Stage design Tomsa Legierski
Dramaturgy Petra Kosová
Music Petr Vydarený
Premiéra Czech premiere
od5 The performance is
from 5 years

Oh, that Marička! She's pretty, she's kind, but she won't keep her mouth shut. Just like the neighbors. And so he gossips and inflates and adds color to everything he hears. Because of this, her husband Petro is a little angry with her. Also because an evil administrator could step on them! But Marička can't help herself. And so when Petro once digs up a pot of gold, in addition to joy, he also has a big worry: how to arrange it so that Marička doesn't ring the bell and the manager doesn't take the gold from them?

Playwright Alfa Petra Kosová combined two Ukrainian fairy tales into one coherent story, directed by ALFA Theater regular director Tomsa Legierski, actor and composer Petr Vydarený then tunes the instruments. Divadlo Alfa is preparing a fairy tale with regard to the current situation - especially in the first grade of primary schools, there are a number of new pupils who fled the war. We hope to make them happy with a fairy tale from their homeland - that's why we are also consulting the text with the leading Czech Ukrainian writer Rita Kindlerová, and some words will be heard in the performance in Czech and Ukrainian. At the same time, we want to introduce Czech children to the culture of their new friends.

Worksheets will be created for the production.

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