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Dagmar Spanlangová, Pavel Sýkora, Pavel Vašíček

Sheep Tales Grandmother


Five stories about a lamb that is smarter than three wolves together!


Directed by Tomáš Dvořák
Stage design Ivan Nesveda, Dana Raunerová
Dramaturgy Pavel Vašíček
Music Michal Vaniš
Cast Bob Holý, Martin Sádlo Bartůšek, Lenka Lupínková, Radka Mašková, Martina J. Hartmannová, Petr Vydarený
Performace duration 50 min.
Premiéra Czech premiere
Friday, 12 December 2014
od3 The performance is
from 3 years

Probably few people ever met "Fairytales sheep grandmother", whether in the original television, and later a book, form. No wonder this cycle was the first cartoon series večerníčkovským, and also the first, the narrator was inimitable and charming dahlia Bohdalová. It was created in 1966, directed by V. Frederick, who along with animators agitated black and white drawings B. Cones. Soon he will thus be 50 years old! Aired a year later (still on the agenda was Večerníček only 3 times a week).

The series had 13 episodes (the book contains 7 of them). We chose five of them, to the children (and even before born) tried to remind hilarious, touching, exciting stories, but also lamb and sheep, which they constantly devour trio of wolves. Of course, in vain!

For us in the theater to sheep grandmother retells the tale: a smart Lamb, O why is smiling moon, wolves dug ourselves a hole, Lamb and false lambs and about the great wolf shooting. All the stories you play with the contribution of various types of sewn puppets and actors in masks. And lest we forget - "Tales of sheep grandmothers' first see color!

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