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Jarmila Vlčková a Pavlína Jurková

A story about three seamen

Help us find a mermaid
Theatre LáryFáry
Music Linda Winterová
Lyrics Pavlína Jurková, Jarmila Vlčková
Cast Lukáš Jurek, Pavlína Jurková, Jarmila Vlčková
Performace duration 50 min.
od4 The performance is
from 4 years


A nautical fairy tale about the honorable and good Captain Hroma who, on his Bubble ship, is acting as his dream ... to the island of Hukakul. According to the ancient nautical legends, beautiful mermaids live here. If the sailor Hrom gives his heart to a woman, then only a mermaid of Hukakul.
However, due to unfortunate coincidences, the captain loses a man behind a man, and the crew of the Marmalade has left the crew and he alone. In a violent storm, Captain Hrom saves the Pirates Kudlicka and takes up his upbringing. But the task is not simple.
The maiden is a stalker, a liar and a fool. Children, along with Hromo and Marmeládka, must teach him not only good behavior, but also everything that a sailor should know and know. And A Baby? Will it help Captain Hroma find his dream in return ...
The fairy tale is intended for preschool children (from four years of age) and children of elementary schools (1st-4th).



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